Peggy Rattan Shelf

  • $75.00
Tax included.

Such a beautiful statement piece to add to any space. This looks amazing sitting on a change table area, or can be hung on a wall.

Natural Rattan
Rainbow Shape
Sturdy Shelf
(Does not come with hooks)

Unfortunately our Peggy Rainbow Shelves didn't come at a high standard of quality like we expect. We have decided to offer these to our customers at a discounted price. Please be aware some contain pencil marks, marks, some slight rough spots and edges. These are not to be played with, especially with these slight defaults. Due to being sample pieces, returns and exchanges will not be available on these.

Dimensions : 39cms H x 36cms W x 28cms D

Handmade by artisans in Indonesia.


⋒ Because these pieces are handmade by artisans in Indonesia using natural materials, each item is completely unique. Imperfections and variations are to be expected. We find the imperfections are what make these handmade products unique and individual.

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